Recycled Brick Recycling

If you make a lot of purchases on Bricklink and other sites you might get lots of little zip bags.  You might have too many or just don't have a use for them.  I will take them back.

How Does This Work?

When you have an order on Bricklink send a message that you have lots of bags to recycle.  I will send a return label with your order.

Types and Quality

I am looking for any size zip bag especially ones I send in your orders.  If you wouldn't want your pieces sent in them, then other buyers wouldn't either.  Needs to be clean and still useable.

Quantities and Shipping

At least 50 bags or more.  You can reuse the bubble mailer your order came in.  I will need to know an approximate weight to be able to make a label.  Remove the old label and stick on the new label.  Just drop off at the post office.  No waiting in lines.  

What Is In It For You?

Besides clearing space and not just throwing the bags away is a good start.  I will send a coupon on Bricklink to you for $5 off your next order.  If you have a larger amount it could be more.  Everything will depend on participation in the program.